The Best of Bodywork and Mindful Movement for Authentic Healing



ACCELERATED HEALING (See 'Stress/Trauma Release' and Myfascial Release - 'Unwinding' below)

ACUPRESSURE -  a broad term involving manual pressure applied to the Acu-points along the energetic 'Meridians' (channels of subtle energy) posited by Oriental Medicine.  Can be a very effective Self Help technique to address a variety of complaints

AQUATIC BODYWORK - including Aquatherics, Aquatic Integration, Bad Raqaz, Halliwick, Healing Dance, Jahara, Water Dance, and WATSU (among others); a broad term involving floatation, movement, stretches, manual work and mindful exercise done with the client floated in a warm water pool.  Especially good for the pain of Arthritis and other problems of the joints and spine.

BREATHWORK - a broad term covering many conscious breathing techniques ranging from Pranayama from the Yogic tradition to various western techniques.  Used for a variety of intentions like calming, energizing, focus, awareness, bringing both body and mind into the present moment. Very helpful in facilitating other modalities and as a self help technique in its own right.

CHAKRA BALANCING - a type of energywork that focuses on the traditional Vedic human energy vortexes (Chakras) that help an individual's  body, mind, and energy function at their optimum (when the Chakras are balanced and in harmony with each other). This technique is typically a healing modality that sometimes yields information of an intuitive nature which can help provide understanding and clarity as well as a feeling of physical and/or emotional wellbeing.

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY - Bodywork that focuses on the flow of craniosacral fluid and it's direct and indirect effects on the bony structures of the cranium and sacrum attaching to the dura Mater within which it is contained. It can have a remarkable effect on  the Autonomic Nervous System and extradural tissues as well.  This modality is a key for switching the autonomic nervous system from the central nervous system stress response ('sympathetic') to the relaxation response ('parasympathetic').  Also helpful in addressing falls, whiplash, and other injuries from a blow or other force to the head, neck, spine, or sacrum.

DEEP TISSUE - Massage and bodywork (oftentimes with deeper pressure) that addresses deeper musculature than superficial extrinsic muscles as well as addressing connective tissue and joints

ENERGY WORK - subtle bodywork with many formalized names like  Healing Touch, Non-contact Therapeutic Touch,  Polarity, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Shen, Vibrational Healing, etc. working both off and on the body. Can be a powerful treatment in and of itself as well as predisposing the the tissues to obtain a better result from the more physical soft tissue mobilization.

HOT STONE MASSAGE TREATMENTS - Massage Therapy using both stationary warm stones placed on various parts of the body (like 'hot packs') along with 'working stones' held by the therapist and used for soft tissue mobilization. A very sedative and calming modality.  Also good for many kinds of joint stiffness, like Arthritis, as well as reducing soft tissue pain and discomfort. Combined with Shea Butter this makes a great skin treatment as well!

INTUITIVE BODYWORK - an integrative form of bodywork using both body contact and non-contact that relies on feedback received by the practitioner directly from the clients physical and subtle energy bodies. Can be helpful in increasing awareness and balance as well as healing.

MAGNETIC MASSAGE - a massage technique that employs  magnetic rollers that applies both pressure and a magnetic force field to tissues.  Helps increase circulation and mobility and decreases stiffness and pain.

MUSCLE ENERGY Technique (ME)  - a form of manual therapy that uses the clients own specific, controlled, and repeated isometric contractions to re-educate the sensory/motor relationship of agonist/antagonist muscles in order to bring about optimum balance. A good self help technique to improve both function and structure.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE - a coordinated combination of: a) prolonged Stretching focused on the connective tissue  (often three to five minutes or more) along with b) passive rhythmic body movements (Rebounding) combined with, c) 'Unwinding' where the practitioner is following and supporting the client's active, unforced, and spontaneous body movement. Effective in addressing a variety of bodily restrictions(especially from old injuries), improving performance, and promoting healing.

NEUROMUSCULAR BODYWORK/MASSAGE - an approach that involves gentle passive movement of the body to address not only the muscles, joints, and connective tissue but also restrictive movement patterns that are mediated by the sensory and motor nervous system.  Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais,  Rosen Method and Trager Approach are all example of Neuromuscular Bodywork.

ORTHOPEDIC MASSAGE - a combination of active movement and static positioning of bones to release and reeducate holding or bracing soft tissue patterning and balance the relationship of bones/joints, musculature, and connective tissue through the nervous system in order to optimize the 'Tensegrity' of the body

PNF STRETCHING - Facilitated stretching using 'contract-relax' and other methods to improve flexibility and promote increased mobility

Rebounding -  passive rhythmic body movement designed to counteract or 'confuse' unconscious neuromuscular and neurofascial holding or bracing patterning as well as helping functionally to integrate releasing resulting from MFR unwinding and/or MFR structural stretching.

REFLEXOLOGY - a system of bodywork that uses pressure to tender places on feet and hands to affect other parts of the body to which those tender parts of the body may reflect

SHIATSU - the Japanese word for 'Finger Pressure' is a form of Acupressure.  Zen Shiatsu utilizes a combination of Stretching, Breathwork, and pressure to acupoints in a holistic treatment that aims to bring balance to both Meridians and tissue in order to promote healing and wellness. Clients often report that the immediate effects of Zen Shiatsu to be simultaneously relaxing and energizing. The 'carry over' or long term effects are typically reported to be longer than 'garden variety' swedish or 'relaxation' massages.

SOMATIC EXCERCISES - Conscious Mind/Body movements practiced by clients after the table, mat, or pool treatments that help increase body awareness, improve functional movement patterns, and integrate and enhance the changes experienced by the client during the hands on one-to-one bodywork session. Not intended to replace other self care activities but rather to enhance effectiveness of one's existing self care activities!

STRESS/TRAUMA RELEASE (AKA "ACCELERATED HEALING") - a 'non-doing' form of subtle/light touch by the practitioner that elicits a spontaneous unwinding by the body's own 'unthawing' of the autonomic 'freeze response' brought on by stress and/or trauma. Helps discharge held tension allowing a 'jump-start' to the body's own instinctual healing process.  Good prerequisite for more proactive bodywork.

STRAIN-COUNTERSTRAIN (AKA 'Fold and Hold') Positional Release done by passively positioning the body into the position of optimum comfort and held for 90 seconds to re-educate reflexively imbalanced muscular tension. Especially effective for the sudden "Gotcha!" type muscle strains.

SWEDISH - the basic modern massage technique that employs a combination of strokes including effleurage( gliding strokes using oil or lotion) petrassage (squeezing),  tapotement (pounding), and vibration, among others. Typically considered sedating and relaxing, clients often report feeling cared for, nurtured, and 'pampered' after sessions.

TRIGGER POINT Therapy - direct pressure and massage to point tender micro-spasms in muscles that refer pain and other noxious sensations to other parts of the body. When it applies to a client's condition Trigger Point release can also be an extremely good self-help technique. Effective for Repetitive Strain Injuries as well as myofascial pain.

UNWINDING - Spontaneous, active, unforced movement on the part of the client that can be a therapeutic part of 'Unthawing' the 'Freeze Response'. Helpful in reducing and  resolving post trauma and/or chronic inflamation.


WATSU"WAter shiaTSU" an adapted form of Zen Shiatsu developed by Harold Dull taking the breath, stretches and point work of Masunaga's seminal bodywork traditionally done on a mat into a warm water pool. The combination of warm water and shiatsu can profoundly decrease pain and tension, increase flexibility and mobility, and shift the autonomic nervous system from the stress (sympathetic) respones to the deep relaxation (and Healing) response (parasympathetic). 
The term can also be used incorrectly like the work 'Coke' instead of Pepsi, RC Cola) for for a variety of approved Aquatic Bodywork modalities such as Aquatherics, Aquatic Integration, Jahara Technique, Healing and Water Dance, etc.







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