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 I had the pleasure of receiving Myofascial Release (MFR) therapy from Jim Tillotson following my bilateral mastectomy.  I was experiencing neck pain and shoulder pain coupled with limited range of motion in addition to tightness around the incisions and where my lymph nodes were removed. 

 Over the course of four treatments I experienced tremendous relief of my symptoms!  I was able to enjoy our active family vacation of rafting, kayaking and hiking prior to my final reconstruction surgery.  Jim taught me how to move without bracing and engage my muscles to alleviate the pain. 

 My reconstruction surgery went beautifully, with my plastic surgeon revealing I had minimal scar tissue damage.  As a result I did not require any medication for pain post surgery past day 2, and am moving comfortably.  I believe it was in large part to the MFR work we had worked on prior to surgery.  Jim takes into account the whole body and person’s experience when treating them in a caring manner.  It has made a lasting difference in my physical and emotional recovery from breast cancer.     ...Jamee 


WATSU Testimonial from post polio survior with Scoliosis:


 "I am a 76-year-old woman who is not physically active due to lifetime effects of polio and scoliosis.  Scripps Clinic’s pool in La Jolla was where I first enjoyed the quiet, soothing exercises of Watsu.  In 2004 I met Jim Tillotson who introduced me to a myriad of wonderful healing movements during Watsu at Mills-Peninsula Health Center’s Mickelson Pool in San Mateo.  I continue to have Watsu sessions with Jim twice a week; they can include massage, pressure point therapy, stretches to my spine and limbs, and (optional) dynamic underwater movements that give me an insight into what athletes may experience – a wonderful feeling of freedom.  I credit Watsu for keeping me limber and pain free." - Joan


Bodywork/Massage Testimonial from Diabetes Patient

"Like most people, I have my share of stressors in my life which includes Type II Diabetes.  I have learned a great deal about the mind/body connection thorugh the years as a client of Jim Tillotson.  I find, at times, I am more able to recognize my ability to alleviate some of my physical discomfort using the suggestions and methods he has introduced and shared with me.  The times that I am unable to 'help myself' is when I most appreciate the expert and healing methods Jim has mastered.  I alway leave, "better than when I arrived."  - Mareth


Massage/Bodywork Testimonial from a Clinical Psychologist:

“I have worked over the years with a number of excellent massage therapists; Jim is the best of the lot. I have found Jim to be expert at both therapeutic and pleasureful massage, each of which I have requested at different times. His knowledge of anatomy and physical therapy, his respect for the client's wishes and needs, his collaborative attitude, his attunement and and intuition for the body's changing energies over the course of a session, his encouragement and willingness to teach body mechanics and self-help techniques which can serve as meangful guidance beyond the session itself,, have become the standard by which I will judge all others. I cannot recommend Jim highly enough!” - Stan Friedman 

Testimonial from and Insurance Agent:

“Jim is a great healer, his overall knowledge of the body, how it works and the best way to restore it is UNBEATABLE... I have never spoke to anyone who left his care unhappy...keep up the good work!!” - David Flaig 

Testimonial from a Medical Doctor:

“Jim is highly knowledgable in the art and science of medical massage. Many of my patients have received significant medical benefit from his work.” - Ulrike, Sujansky, MD


Testimonial from a Physical Therapist:


“Jim is a caring and skilled massage therapist and aquatic bodyworker. He takes the time to listen to his clientele and makes every effort to meet their needs.” - Heather Brown, PT



Testimonial from a Yoga Instructor:

“Jim is a true professional body worker who has depth of knowledge in a broad array of healing modalities. He is most creative in assessing what is needed at each visit to offer complete relaxation and regeneration. He is moderately priced which is an excellent bargain considering the quality of Jim's work. Jim is a natural healer. I highly recommend Jim's work. Thank you, Jim, for your consistent quality of care." - Marilyn Abedin


Testimonial from Financial Advisor, Mother of two, Avid Runner

“No one can say that they have experienced excellent bodywork until they have seen Jim Tillotson. His ability to create a relaxing environment coupled with his incredible massage and bodywork skills makes every session incredibly effective. I recommend Jim to anyone that needs to be more comfortable and no one has been disappointed.” - Kathie Chappell 


Testimonial from Career Management/Life Planning Consultant

“Jim is a superb, holistic bodywork professional. He not only works with you to determine your needs but also educates you to have helpful and meaningful take away exercises for what ails you. Jim is creative, using most effective metaphors and analogies to describe the processes he uses. He's done a great job to take me out of my head and help me focus on what my body needs. He truly is a master at his work. I whole heartedly recommend him to anyone who wants to take better care of themselves. Libby Pannwitt - Career Management/Life Planning Consultant." - Libby Pannwitt


Testimonial from a Hypnotherapist:

“Jim Tillotson is an excellent masseur with a variety of techniques including shiatsu, deep tissue and neuro-muscular massage. Jim is gifted in helping release physical trauma energetically in the body from old injuries. In two instances, one after a car accident and the second after surgery, Jim was able to locate the source of “frozen” energy and was able to facilitate it’s “melting,” thereby being able to “drain” from my body bringing greater release than just massaging of the muscles. In addition he helped to identify the muscles that were guarded and sore and gave me exercises that would help release them to establish and maintain normal function and activity. After each session I left feeling greater ease and comfort in my body. I highly recommend Jim Tillotson.” - Joy Reichard


Testimonial from a Physical Therapist:

“Jim is a caring and skilled massage therapist and aquatic bodyworker. He takes the time to listen to his clientele and makes every effort to meet their needs.” - Heather Brown


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