The Best of Bodywork and Mindful Movement for Authentic Healing

TUTORIALS/Somatic Explorations

New Location August 1, 2014: 851 Burlway Road #166, Burlingame CA 94010


Getting Out Of Bed:

'Slinky Neck/Spine/'Tail':

Bowling Ball Head:

'Spongy' Feet:

Upsidedown Pendulum:

'Full' and 'Empty' Legs:

'KelpPlant' Moving Meditation:

'Oily' Neck:

Dorsal Glides: Using Mirror Eyes Opened/Eyes Closed; without mirror

Neck 'Rolls':

Shoulder Shrugger 'Fold & Hold' (Strain/Counterstrain):

Shoulder Shrugger Stretches: Upper 'Traps'; Levator 'Scap' (Leonard Silverman)

Shoulder Shrugs:  '10 to 1'; "Ssssss" - "Ha!"

STANDING: NECK-SHOULDER "Stress Buster" Tutorial ('1-10';"Ssssss"/"Ha!!!")


SITTING: NECK-SHOULDER "Stress Buster" Tutorial  ('1-10';"Ssssss"/"Ha!!!")

'ChainMail' 'Jostling':

Arm 'Shimmering; Arm 'Swinging'

Corner 'Pushup':

Chest 'Opening'; Upright;Inverted

CONSCIOUS BREATHING: 'Balloon' Breathing; 'Innertube' Breathing; 'Spotlight' Breathing; 'Connect the Dots' Breathing; 'Dog Sniff' Breathing; Nonbreathing Diaphragmatic 'Pumping'; 'Water Balloon' Breathing; 'Lifted Belt' Breathing

Self Myofascial Release with a Ball:

Press Ups:

'Suspension' Bridging:

Use of Theracane:

Myofascial Release & Craniosacral Therapy:



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