The Best of Bodywork and Mindful Movement for Authentic Healing


Eliminate ACUTE and Chronic PAIN

Really RESOLVE Old Lingering INJURIES

BODYWORK 'FUSION' will ASSESS the PROBLEM, Combine the BEST OF HANDS-ON THERAPY with personalized 'BodyMind' Tutorials

So You Will BE Better and






celebrating over 20 years of tender loving care!


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 'Self Care for Muscle Pain Relief Workshop, 1-3:30PM Saturday May 12, 2018

Location: The Avalon Academy, Mahler Road, Burlingame CA 94010

Workshop Fee:  $30

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BODYWORK FUSION at Wellspring  offers the  highest quality Bodywork, Somatics, and Myofascial Release. We bring the benefits of INTEGRATIVE BODYWORK & THERAPEUTIC EXERCISE to every day conditions. We specialize in helping our clients address and resolve pain and the effects of old injuries.

Conveniently located near Burlingame's Peninsula Medical Center in the San Francisco Peninsula our services include: Acupressure, Aquatic Bodywork, BODYWORK FUSION ASSESSMENTS, BODYWORK FUSION TUTORIALS,Breathwork, Chakra Massage, Craniosacral, Deep Tissue, Energywork,  Hot Stone Skin Treatments, Magnetic MassageMYOFASCIAL RELEASE aka 'MFR', Neuromuscular and Orthopedic massage, Reflexology, "ACCELERATED HEALING*" Stress-Trauma Release, Strain-counterstrain, Swedish-Esalen, Trigger Point Massage,  Watsu SM (Water Shiatsu) and Zen Shiatsu.


 **(*See 'Hours, Scheduling, and SPECIAL PROMOTIONS' page for details, 'MODALITIES' page for Descriptions)

Benefits of Bodywork, Therapeutic Massage & Myofascial Release

  • Relax Better and Help Resolve the Effects of Old Injuries
  • Become more Aware, Present, and Alert
  • Find Comfort, Ease, and the Joy of Being in your Body
  • Bolster your Immune System
  • Release Muscle Tension
  • Improve Performance and Ease of Movement
  • Decrease  Pain
  • Increase Mobility

Honor yourself by taking the time to plan for your care!

Choose your service and duration, browse and click available times, include email and cell phone for appointment confirmation and text reminder.

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CAMTC Certification #4620

The "Soft Tissue 'Whisperer' "

851 Burlway Road, #166

Burlingame, CA 94010



    "Man has no body distinct from the Soul..."
                                                                      ...William Blake

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